Order Tracking

When you make a purchase, we will first send you an Email to confirm your order. Once orders are shipped by USPS, you will receive a confirmation Email notifying you where your package is shipping from. Occasionally, orders are shipped by other carriers and in that case you will receive an Email with a Tracking number. Please note that you may not receive this Tracking Number within a few days after you place your order, especially if you order right before or during weekends or holidays.
In the event that you do not receive a Confirmation/Tracking Number for more than 6 business days after you order, please contact us and we will be very happy to retrieve that number for you.

Partial Shipments

If you just received your order and not all of the items that you have purchased are included in this package, please be patient. We often pack and ship orders in separate packages. At times packages may arrive on different days even when they are shipped at the same time with the same tracking number.

Backordered Items

At Ted’s Medical Threads, we always try our best to ship your entire order at the same time. Unfortunately, popular items do go out of stock from time to time. In that case, in-stock items will be shipped first and you will be notified via Email immediately. As soon as the backordered items are available, we will Email you with the expected shipping date. Rest assured that in case you receive multiple shipments you will be billed only once for shipping and handling. 
For certain popular items we can not guarantee they will always return to stock by the expected shipping date. We reserve the right to cancel any backordered items and credit your account if items will be out of stock for an extended length of time.

Order Cancellations

Orders can be cancelled with a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations must be sent in form of Email within 24 hours after receipt of purchase order. Confirmation from our customer support is required. Orders that are already shipped can not be cancelled and in that case we will credit your account once we receive the items returned from you. Also, orders which have already been submitted to our embroidery department can not be cancelled.

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